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  • Management Principle

We support customers to initiate actions, and contribute to customers’ success and Realization of a truly affluent society.


  • Message from Representative Partner

Low birth rate, aging population and an expansion of IT introduction has been requiring companies to change, and its performance of innovative changes may affect company’s success and endurance more than ever. Especially in the area of human resources and labor management, companies are required to make innovative changes to get out from vicious practices which have been “commonplace” in Japan. Inspired by the government boost in law changes and regulatory enhancement, companies are on the very point of taking innovative actions.

ActDoor is ready for sharing customers’ common and unique challenges and contribute to achieve customers’ goal as a reliable partner. ActDoor shall provide a door for action to customers.

Akihiro Furuta, Representative Partner

ActDoor GK


  • Company Profile

Company Name      ActDoor GK

Address               7-6-70, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Representative Partner      Akihiro Furuta

Establishment Date           February 2018

Service Area                       Mainly Kanto area (Tokyo & surrounding prefectures) and Kansai area (Osaka & surrounding prefectures), but available in areas as well.

Available Language         Japanese, English